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VOSSPAC SEPCO Die-Formed Cartridge Grafoil

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Flexible Graphite

Single Grafoil cartridge die molded to 90 lbs. per cubic foot density with a slight interference fit on the stem and the stuffing box bore.

The SEPCO Die-Formed Grafoil Cartridge offers the following advantages.

  • Only one ring to install. Pack the complete box in the time it takes to install one ring. A labor savings of 75%.
  • Slight interference fit to bore and stem insuring a tight seal.
  • Cartridge is pre-compressed to 90 lbs. per cubic foot density insuring even distribution of gland pressure along the entire stem area.
  • More economical due to lower manufacturing cost.
  • Due to the superior sealing and heat transfer properties of Grafoil, some valve manufacturers have redesigned bonnets for shallower stuffing boxes and thinner walls, a material savings.
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