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Because of the friction along the shaft and bore of the stuffing box, the mechanical pressure exerted by the gland is not transmitted uniformly across all the rings. In conventional packing methods, the first two rings absorb most of the mechanical pressure; therefore the receive the most wear and in turn exert the most ware on the shaft. In fact, 70% of the wear takes place here. But, with SEPCO Die-Formed Packing Rings, the mechanical pressure is exerted over a larger area, greatly increasing shaft sleeve life. Die-Formed Rings are easier to install because the size is exact. Also, Die-Formed Rings are densified, “run-in” time is greatly reduced and sealability is much better resulting in longer packing and sleeve life.

SEPCO Die-Formed Rings are available in almost every style of Braided Packaging that we produce. To speak with a sales representative about SEPCO Die-Formed Rings, visit out contact page to get started.

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